Welcome to your new campaign!

Take a look around and get yourself familiar with the different people and places you’ll be dealing with in game. Right now this is all still a work in progress, so check back every day or so. If something isn’t working right either leave a comment in the comment tab or shoot me a message. Things in red mean there isn’t a page created for it yet, if anything in places and people is still red by December 1st could you let me know please?

Once you’re character is done I’d like you to put the info up in the character tab. That way there is always a copy (we’ve all lost a character sheet at least once) and I have a copy for quick reference when I’m working on encounters. Try to include some back story on your character, the more I know about him the better.

I’ll update this page the day before game with any important info so make sure to always check here first. I’ll also try and list any updates to the wiki section and do a quick recap of last game.

Fate and Prophecy

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